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The Wolf Man (1941)

The Wolf Man (1941)
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Title:The Wolf Man
Director : George Waggner.
Writer :
Producer : George Waggner.
Country:United States of America
Runtime:70 min.
Genre:Horror, Drama
 Production Company:Universal Pictures


After his brother's death, Larry Talbot returns home to his father and the family estate. Events soon take a turn for the worse when Larry is bitten by a werewolf.
Lon Chaney Jr.
Evelyn Ankers
Claude Rains
Ralph Bellamy
Maria Ouspenskaya
Patric Knowles
Warren William
Bela Lugosi
Fay Helm
Forrester Harvey
J. M. Kerrigan
Jessie Arnold
Caroline Frances Cooke
Harry Cording
Margaret Fealy
Gibson Gowland
Leyland Hodgson
Olaf Hytten
Connie Leon
Doris Lloyd
Ottola Nesmith
Eddie Polo
La Riana
Ernie Stanton
Anne G. Sterling
Tom Stevenson
Harry Stubbs
Eric Wilton
Joseph A. Valentine
Ted J. Kent
Curt Siodmak
Jack Otterson
Russell A. Gausman
Vera West
Jack P. Pierce
Vernon Keays