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Happily N'Ever After (2006)

Happily N'Ever After (2006)
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Title:Happily N'Ever After
Director : Paul Bolger, Yvette Kaplan, Greg Tiernan.
Writer :
Producer : John H. Williams, Chad Hammes, Dr. Volker Baas, Silke Zakarneh, Wilhelm Auer, Charlie Woebcken, Peter Widmann, Nicole Stinn.
Country:Germany, United States of America
Runtime:75 min.
Genre:Animation, Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Science Fiction
 Production Company:Vanguard Films, Lionsgate, Odyssey, Nitrogen Studios Canada


An alliance of evil-doers, led by Frieda, looks to take over Fairy Tale Land. But when Ella realizes her stepmother is out to ruin her storybook existence, she takes a dramatic turn and blossoms into the leader of the resistance effort.
George Carlin
Andy Dick
Sarah Michelle Gellar
Lisa Kaplan
Michael McShane
Rob Paulsen
Freddie Prinze Jr.
Wallace Shawn
Patrick Warburton
Sigourney Weaver
John DiMaggio
Tom Kenny
Tress MacNeille
Jon Polito
Phil Proctor
Kath Soucie
Jill Talley
Sherry Lynn
Rainer Söhnlein
John McKenna
Ruth Lambert
Robert Moreland
Yvette Kaplan
Ralph Kamp
Louise Goodsill
Ken Katsumoto
Tom Ortenberg
Stefan Beiten
Nikolaus Weil
Andre Sikojev
Deane Taylor
Ringo Waldenburger
David Dulac
Dino Athanassiou
Paul Buckley
Robyn Klein
Andy Carroll
Nick Amour
Phil Sawyer
Will Johnstone
Jeff Bailey
Greg Tiernan
Darren Schmidtz
Jeremy Stewart
Doug Langdale